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Finnpartnership offers new business cooperation opportunities

Finnpartnership’s mission is to increase commercial cooperation between Finland and developing countries with the objective to enhance economic growth, diversify the economy and exports, and reduce poverty in developing countries. The program is supported by Finnish development cooperation funds. Finnpartnership is part of the Team Finland network.

FinnpartnershipFinnpartnership services are for companies and organizations in all sectors planning or improving business activities in developing countries. Finnpartnership provides services for companies and organizations in Finland and in developing countries. All services are free of charge.

Developing countries are the official development assistance (ODA) recipient countries listed by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Finnpartnership provides the following services:

New cooperation opportunities with matchmaking service

Finnpartnership programme assists companies in seeking out new business opportunities and partners. Business partnerships refer to long-term joint activities between companies or other private sector actors in Finland and in developing countries.

Finnpartnership channels business partnership opportunities from developing countries to companies in Finland and vice versa. Finnish and international companies can explore suitable opportunities for cooperation on Finnpartnership’s website (Partners search database) as well as post information about the business initiatives they have to offer.

Business Partnership Support Facility – a tool for developing business

Finnish companies can apply for a grant type support through the Business Partnership Support Facility for commercially viable activities aimed at economic cooperation in developing countries. This is a discretionary government grant, which the Ministry for Foreign Affairs grants as de minimis aid.

Eligible applicants are

  • companies registered in Finland or elsewhere that have a substantial Finnish interest;
  • research facilities, universities or similar organizations based in Finland;
  • associations/organisations registered in Finland that practice or contribute to economic operations;
  • or a consortium of several companies or organisations.

The purpose of the Business Partnership Support Facility is to encourage commercial cooperation between Finnish companies and companies and organizations in developing countries. The aim is to achieve positive developmental effects in the target countries.

Supported activities may be e.g.

  • establishing a joint venture (e.g. production or services)
  • establishing a subsidiary company (e.g. production or services)
  • subcontracting (e.g. manufacturing or services)
  • importing to a developing country (project with commercial market potential and developmental impacts which boosts developing country import to Finland and possibly to other countries)
  • other long-term business partnership in a developing country designed to sustain business activities related to, for example, long-term subcontracting or maintenance, franchising or licensing agreements
  • pilot projects related to commercial/merchandised technology or solutions
  • vocational education and training, and support for local education.

Advisory services throughout a project’s lifespan

Finnpartnership provides companies and organizations wide ranging advisory services relating to business partnership between Finnish and developing country actors.From the outset of planning a project, companies can contact Finnpartnership’s experts who can provide guidance throughout the different phases of a project.


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