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Finland’s development policy and development cooperation

Development policy is an integral part of Finland’s foreign and security policy. The core goal of development policy is to eradicate extreme poverty and to reduce poverty and inequality. Finland’s development policy has been outlined in the Government Report, published in February 2016.

Photo: Tatu Blomqvist

Finland’s development policy and development cooperation are guided by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, endorsed within the UN. Finland supports the capacity of developing countries to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Read more at the Foreign Ministry’s website:

Finland’s development policy has 4 priorities:

  1. The rights of women and girls
  2. Reinforcing developing countries’ economies to generate more jobs, livelihoods and well-being
  3. Democratic and well-functioning societies, including taxation capacity
  4. Food security, access to water and energy, and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Finland focuses on development cooperation in which Finnish know-how and funding have particular value and there is a specific demand for them.

Kuva: Juho Paavola
Photo: Juho Paavola

Our action draws upon the inherent values and underlying principles of Nordic societies, the implementation of human rights being a key objective. Finnish development policy strives to strengthen the rights of the most vulnerable, promote gender equality, and improve climate change preparedness and mitigation.

Key principles guiding our work include openness, coherence, sustainability and results as well as partner countries’ responsibility for their own development.

Read more at the Foreign Ministry’s website: Objectives and principles of Finland’s development policy

Cooperation with many partners

Finland advances its development policy goals through policy dialogue and development funding.

Kuva: Ville Palonen
Photo: Ville Palonen

Nearly all of Finland’s development cooperation partner countries count among the least developed countries (LDCs) in Africa and Asia. Many of them are also regarded as fragile states that have been or are in danger of turning into unstable societies, and have the greatest need for assistance. Support is also channeled to the departure, transit and receiving countries of refugees.

Finland also supports the work of international organisations, development banks, civil society organisations and other actors such as higher education institutions and research institutions. Read more at the Foreign Ministry’s website:


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