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Support to Civil Society


Local Cooperation Fund (LCF) is a fund managed by the Embassy of Finland in Cairo and its purpose is to support local civil society initiatives in Egypt. The LCF Fund for Sudan has been closed down in 2017.          

LCF has been operating in the Embassy of Finland in Cairo since 2003. It is a flexible and demand-based development cooperation instrument of the Embassy. Through this instrument funding is allocated to initiatives that are compatible with Finland’s development policy goals and that support the national strategies of Egypt.

The fund supports initiatives of local non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), non-profit companies and other non-profit institutions in Egypt.

LCF and Finnish Development Cooperation Principles

The Finnish development policy has given emphasis to human rights based approach to development which underlines the importance of empowerment, inclusion, and participation of the right holders as it strengthens the application of the principles of ownership, accountability, and transparency.

Moreover, gender equality, reduction of inequality and climate sustainability are cross-cutting themes in the Finnish development strategy and also relevant to the LCF. Integration of the cross-cutting objectives into development projects is essential.

The key to including these crosscutting objectives in a project is an inclusive dialogue among all partners and the target group, in the early phases of the project.

Applying for funding

More information on LCF scope of funding and application procedure can be found in the section LCF in Egypt .

Further Information:

Embassy of Finland

3, Abu El Feda Street, 13th Floor

Zamalek, Cairo

Tel: +20-(0)2-2736 3722

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