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Press Releases, 8/28/2017 | Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Ambassadors touring the regions: business opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean

Press release 142/2017
28 August 2017

Finnish Ambassadors and representatives of Finpro will participate in a tour of six Finnish cities, organised in cooperation with the Finland Chamber of Commerce and the regional chambers of commerce from 29 to 31 August 2017.

The tour will be launched at a seminar on Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Helsinki on 28 August 2017, which will be opened by Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Kai Mykkänen.

Latin American and Caribbean countries are making reforms in the education and ICT sectors and in the field of energy. They are interested in Finnish expertise in telecommunications, renewable energy, energy efficiency and bioeconomy.

The European Union is trying to strengthen its commercial and political relations in the new political situation, and the ongoing free trade negotiations are an example of these efforts.  If realised, the new agreements will facilitate Finnish companies’ business activities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Economic growth and the rise of the middle class across Latin America are boosting investments in the education, health care and digitalisation sectors. This opens up excellent business opportunities for Finnish companies with a strong expertise in the areas. Team Finland has good preliminary information about these opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean and it can help businesses get started there,” says Tomi Rauste, Head of Region Americas at Finpro.

“An excellent package of information about business opportunities in Latin America can be requested from the chambers of commerce to be delivered to the company offices,” notes Timo Vuori, Vice President, International Affairs, Finland Chamber of Commerce. “Companies should have the spirit to look for options in these markets and take advantage of the support of Finpro and the existing missions in the target region.

Finland has five embassies in the area and will open an embassy in Colombia and a consulate of Finland in São Paulo in September. Matters related to the Caribbean are also handled at the Ministry in Helsinki.

In addition, Finpro has offices in Mexico City, Lima, Santiago de Chile and São José dos Campos and Rio de Janeiro. The Finnish–Latin American Trade Association is one of the 15 trade associations administered by the Finland Chamber of Commerce. The 19 regional chambers of commerce in Finland promote companies’ internationalisation by organising training and various events, providing advice and verifying documents related to foreign trade.

“In an operating environment such as Latin America, embassies and trade missions play an important role in facilitating access to the markets and in producing prestige services,” reminds Ari Mäki, Director of the Unit for Latin America and the Caribbean in the Foreign Ministry.

Citizens can meet Finland’s ambassadors to Latin America and the Caribbean in Mikkeli and Kuopio on 29 August, in Hyvinkää and Seinäjoki on 30 August, and in Pori on 31 August. The tour will include a visit to local enterprises in Rauma and Riihimäki.

Inquiries: Ari Mäki, Director, Unit for Latin America and the Caribbean, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, tel.  +358 40 753 6865, Anne Hatanpää, Coordinator, Finnish–Latin American Trade Association,, tel.  +358 50 320 9539, and Kirsti Tarvainen, Manager, Finpro,, tel.  +358 40 343 3434

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