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About Finland

Basic facts and figures about Finland: population, geography, nature, society, culture, history, economy, national symbols etc.
Basic facts and figures about Finland.

Finland believes in equality, democracy and taking good care of each other. Good education is the cornerstone of our society. These are the reasons why we are on the top of all kinds of country rankings from clean air to quality of life. The Finnish handshake can be viewed as the most reliable in the world.

Finland is functional. We look for practical solutions and deliver innovations to both industries and everyday life of people.

Finland is green. We have fresh air, pure water, green forests, clean energy and clean technology. Our Nordic nature has inspired us to look for well-designed and sustainable solutions.

Finland is educated. All Finns have equal opportunities to study and learn. Thanks to our world class education system, we find joyful solutions to both local and global challenges.

ThisisFINLAND is the optimal channel for everyone interested in Finland, its culture and its people. covers a variety of topics ranging from Finnish arts and innovations all the way to the nation’s breathtakingly beautiful nature. In short, the site tells you everything you should and shouldn’t know about the country.

To find out more about Finland and its facts, trends, traditions, and businesses, visit the ThisisFINLAND website or follow us on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakt, YouTube, Weibo, Wechat and Instagram.

Tools for telling about Finland can be found at the Finland Toolbox.

Finland on the world map.
Finland is situated in Northern Europe.
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